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Terms & Conditions

The following are the Terms and Conditions of the club which you agree to when you register.


By registering with Knox United SC you agree to abide by the Constitution, Codes of Conduct and all terms and conditions, all of which are displayed on the club website (

PLEASE NOTE THAT KNOX UNITED SC NOW RUNS A STRICT NO PAY NO PLAY POLICY. This includes game time and training. Players shall not be permitted to train or play unless the Registration fee has been paid in full. The club reserves the right to withdraw any player or team that has not paid in full all Registration Fees by the end of March 2023.

Knox United Soccer Club is run and organised by volunteers and as such we rely on the support of all parents to participate in supporting the teams to setup pitches, referee games, bring oranges and engage in team and club social functions.  Players Parents/Guardians are required to cooperate and facilitate with the Committee of the Knox United Soccer Club Inc. by assisting on both practice and match days in accordance with a "Roster System" devised by the Team Manager. 


A full refund of registration fees will be given ONLY if the player has not yet been registered with the Football Victoria.


  • If a Miniroos (U7-U11) player has been Football Victoria registered and it is week 1-3 of the season, the Football Victoria component and a $30 Admin fee be deducted, and the remainder of the fees refunded upon request. 

  • If a Junior (U12+) player has been Football Victoria registered and it is week 1-3 of the season, the Football Victoria component and a $50 Admin fee be deducted, and the remainder of the fees refunded upon request.

  • After week 3 of the season, NO refund will be given unless there are extenuating circumstances as determined by the Committee.


Please note that before any Refund process begins:
1. An email request must be sent to
2. Uniform must be returned



Code of conduct is emailed to each player on completion of this registration form and is also available for viewing at  The code of conduct reflects the highest standards of public behaviour and the expectations of the club administration.  The club is under no obligation to accept applicants as members, and past behaviour may be taken into account when an application for membership is received. 

The code of conduct is not designed to suppress passion or commitment for the club or the team is in place to ensure that club participants understand that there is a line which divides passion and offensive behaviour.  Any non compliance or breach of the code of conduct will be referred to the Executive Committee of the Knox United Soccer Club for further action.   Action may include explanation of the club’s code of conduct, including identification of the section of the code of conduct not being complied with. 

Continued non compliance will result in action which may include temporary or permanent expulsion from Knox United Soccer Club games and functions.

The club reserves the right to suspend or expel from the club any player, member or parent/guardian failing to abide by the rules, regulations and/or code of conduct.

I agree to be held personally liable for any fines incurred by the club as a result of a breach of Football Victoria rules by either myself, family or the player/s being registered on this form and agree to reimburse Knox United Soccer Club for the full cost of any such fines. Any failure to pay these fines may result in expulsion from the club. 



The club and the coach will determine the day/s and time of your weekly training sessions. It is expected that all team members will attend training and in the event of a training session being cancelled, then the Club will communicate this ASAP through the agreed communication channels used by the team. Should team members not be able to attend training, they are required to communicate this with the team manager. 



If a player, parent or guardian has a grievance with any aspect of their team, then they are to raise it with their team manager, who will then raise the issue with the coach. After this process, if the matter has not been resolved, then the team manager should report this matter to the Club Committee for further discussion and resolution.


I/My child hereby agree(s) that Knox United Soccer Club Inc. ("The Club") including any of its officers and/or members shall not be held responsible for any accident, illness or injury sustained by my child while playing at, or attending any function with, The Club.

I understand that The Club carries only basic player's insurance (provided through registration with Football Victoria) and that it is my responsibility to arrange additional insurance cover. The Club recommends that every player takes out their own private health insurance. Although players are covered by the Football Victoria Group Personal Accident Insurance whilst playing or training, the Club will not be liable for any cost not covered by the Football Victoria insurance that shall be for the account of the players.

I also give my permission for The Club to arrange medical attention for my child that may be deemed necessary including ambulance transport and I agree to pay for all such costs incurred. The Club agrees that it will do its utmost to contact me, if possible, prior to seeking medical treatment for my child, but I understand and accept that it may not be possible to do so in the circumstances. The Club agrees to contact me, or, if not contactable, my child's emergency contact details, as soon as it is practicable to do so.



In the interests of protecting the privacy and rights of all club members and particularly our younger players (under 18yrs), Knox United SC has adopted the following policies and guidelines when publishing images or text on the web.

When registering, all members agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Club one of which states "We grant the Club the right to publish photographs of the player for purposes of marketing and/or promotion of club activities provided that these photos do not include any personal details of any player. If a player's name is to be used, then prior authorization will be obtained from the parent or guardian.  Photographs or images submitted to Knox United SC with the intention of making them accessible on the website will be carefully examined to ensure that they are appropriate and will not attract any negative attention before being made available on the website.  

Images of minors (under 18yrs): No personal information (e.g. names, addresses, contact numbers, email addresses) will accompany photographs/images on the Knox United SC website. All images of junior players (i.e. under 18yrs) will be captioned with basic information about the game only (e.g. under 12's Knox United SC versus Dandenong,12th November 2023). In accompanying articles players may be identified using their first name only where permission from a parent/guardian has been obtained.


Images of players 18yrs and older: Name or game information (e.g. Knox United SC versus Dandenong) will be used as captions for images of players 18 years or older. Where images identify players by name, formal permission is required. Unless otherwise formally advised, the Knox United SC does not endorse or take responsibility for any individual who photographs or captures video footage of players, officials and other members of the public.

Knox United SC advises all individuals who intend to take photographs and/or videos of games involving Knox United SC players to obtain consent from the relevant coach/team manager. It is advised that individuals also obtain permission from opposition coaches/team managers. Knox United SC does not take responsibility for individuals who fail to adhere to this guideline.

Images and photos may not be copied or downloaded without permission of the Knox United SC. Knox United SC does not take responsibility for inappropriate use of images or footage obtained during the course of games involving Knox United SC teams, or for images downloaded from the internet. Permission given to publish images on the Knox United SC can only be revoked in writing.

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