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What age group is my child in?

Age Groups are selected by year of birth! The age your child is turning in any given year will be the team they are in. eg. If you are turning 11 in 2024, you play Under 11s!  Please refer to the table below.​

  • Little Champs / Turning 5, 6 or 7 in 2024 (2019, 2018, 2017)

  • U8’s / 2016

  • U9’s / 2015

  • U10’s / 2014

  • U11’s / 2013

  • U12’s / 2012

  • U13’s / 2011

  • U14’s / 2010

  • U15’s / 2009

  • U16’s / 2008

  • U17’s / 2007

  • U18’s / 2006

How does Knox United select their coaches & is it possible that I need to pay extra for an external coach?

Our fee structure is based on parent volunteers to coach our teams. 
If no parent or volunteers are able to coach a team, then it IS possible that you will need to pay for an external coach. If you want to know more, refer to our coach allocation policy - click on this link

Pre-Season / Trials

The club committee is working to confirm coaches for 2024 so we can plan for the start of pre-season in mid to late January - note dates and times will be determined by access to limited training facilities in the summer months.


During this period, we will invite all players to training sessions so that the club & the coaches can assess team size as well as ability. Where there is more than one team in an age group, then grading may be required (See below).


We will aim to complete Miniroos and Junior Team Selection prior to the registration period. If age groups are still looking for players following the Team Trials period, we guarantee you will know about it! It will be all over our website and in our emails!

When will the teams be picked?

Miniroos and Junior Team Selection will be completed following the registration period. This process takes place in early 2024. If you have obtained a place, you will be notified by email in late February 2024. If age groups are still looking for players following the Team Trials period, we guarantee you will know about it! It will be all over our website and in our emails!

Miniroos / Under 8s – Under 11s

When the club has more than one team playing in the same age division from Under 8s to Under 11s we will endeavour to place children into teams with friends upon request. The club will also consider requests from teams who seek to play in a higher division. In both cases, this is not always possible due to many factors including team size, the time of registration etc. If you have any concerns, please raise this with the Club Secretary.

Juniors / Under 12s – Under 18s

When the club has more than one team playing in the same age division, players will be graded into the team appropriate for their skill level. This ensures that your child will play in the team which is best suited to them to foster greater confidence, skill development and enjoyment of playing soccer. Grading will occur before the start of the season. In addition, in order to encourage player development it may also be suggested that players move between teams during the season. Parents are welcome to discuss any concerns with the coach or Club Secretary which will be taken into account when determining your child’s team, however, the Club’s decision will be final.

How do we register?

Registrations will not open until early in 2024. This will be through an online form with uniform sizing taking place at the Club Registration Days.


Our Registration Days wil be held on February 4th & 11th, 2024. These will be held at the Italian Club and will provide the opportunity to be sized for uniforms as well as providing valuable information for parents and players. Times to be confirmed closer to the date.

Click here to fill out our Expression of Interest Form
For further enquiries, email the club at

When/where are the registration days?

February 4th & 11th 2024 at Knox Italian Club, 99 Karoo Rd Rowville

What is the cost?

2024 Fees:

  • Miniroos (U8 – U11) $525*

  • Juniors (U12 – U18 ) $625*

  • Seniors TBC

(* All Miniroos and Juniors fees are based on team coach being a volunteer/parent coach.  If a paid coach is required for a team, then the Coach Allocation Policy applies. 

Sibling discounts - 10% for second child, 15 % for additional child 

All Miniroos, Junior & Senior players will receive:

  • Club Playing Jersey, Shorts and Socks

  • Club Training Jersey

Full payment of fees is due prior to beginning of season.  NO PAY = NO PLAY

Requests for payment plans to be submitted in writing - please email us at

The club also offers generous discounts to coaches, team managers and those serving important club roles like committee members.

What do the fees pay for?

Although KUSC runs entirely on volunteers, the club fee covers the overall running costs of the club including training and game day balls, training equipment, team kits, preseason and season ground rental and light use, coach training programs, team photos, awards and presentation day, and administration and expenses needed to keep well over 300 kids playing soccer.  For more detail on this, click here

What day do we play matches?
  • Little Champs-  currently runs on Saturday mornings

  • Miniroos - U8, U9, U10 and U11 - play on Sunday

  • Junior Teams - U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 - play on Sunday

  • ​Senior Mens Teams play on Saturday

What time do we play matches?

Times can vary depending on which club we are playing against and by what age group your team plays in! A general rule will be that the younger teams play earlier, but this is not set in stone and each club can set their own kick off times! The set times can only be used as a guideline as clubs with limited facilities may require changes in kick off times.

What days does my team have training on?

Training days will be set by the Club & the Coach of your team based on coach & training facility availability. You will be advised of further details once teams and training times have been set.  Pre-season sessions will commence in late February (depending on available facilities and coaches).

Do I need to stay with my child while they train?

Yes. Our coaches will look for a guardian in case of any issues/injuries at training. If a guardian can not be located easily then is can disrupt training for the rest of the team/s at the session.  Please stay close by or communicate with your coach or team manager if you need to leave.

What do I wear to training?

You must wear shin pads at all times when you get to training. During the season you will also be required to wear soccer boots & your training top. Your drink bottles are recommended as the canteen is not always open for business at the venues.

What kind of boots & shin pads do I need?

Boots can be bought new at sports shops and some footwear shops. There is no difference between soccer and AFL boots, in fact most boots are designed with soccer in mind given the number of soccer players worldwide far exceeds the number of players in other football codes!  The Club has a second hand boot bin or, you can also find second hand boots on places like Facebook Marketplace.  Simple slip in shin guards can also be found at most sporting shops - sizes are based on your child's height.

Do we train/play if it's raining?

Soccer is a winter sport, therefore games and training will go ahead rain, hail or shine. Sometimes training may be cancelled due to pitch conditions, you will be contacted if this is the case.

Games will only be cancelled if there is lightning.

How do I get my playing uniform?

Once teams have been selected and players are paid up and registered, we will commence the uniform handout. This will be distributed prior to the season start.

When does the Miniroos/Junior season start & finish?

Season 2024 begins; Sunday April 21st and concludes Sunday September 8th. Finals for teams under 12 and above, commence September 15th, providing they have finished the season on top of the ladder in their league. For other relevant dates to the season and club events please click or visit our Club Diary section in the Club info tab

Are the players covered by insurance?

The Club carries only basic player's insurance provided through registration with Football Victoria and that it is the player/parent/guardian's responsibility to arrange any additional insurance cover.

Please note that although players are covered by the Football Victoria Group Personal Accident Insurance whilst playing or training, the Club will not be liable for any cost not covered by the Football Victoria insurance that shall be for the account of the players.

​The Club recommends that every player takes out their own private health insurance.

Further Enquiries

If you have any further queries regarding registration, please email us at

As we are all volunteers sometimes other life commitments can get in the way of responding to enquiries.
Please rest assured we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

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