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We thank our family of sponsors who financially help support us to reduce the costs associated with playing football for our community.

Why not join them and sponsor us today!


View our 2023 Packages here!

Like any grassroots club, money is critical to ensuring our players and coaches have everything they need to succeed.

KUSC is the fastest growing soccer club within the Knox region, has a highly visible venue, developing facilities and sport an excellent website. KUSC has experienced an amazing growth rate in the past three years exceeding projected expectations and now has over 350 registered players which in turn offer our sponsors direct access to over 700 parents and families in our area alone.


Every dollar our Club raises goes back into our football operations and our facilities to ensure we continue to meet our goals and aspirations.


Sponsorship support provides community-minded business brands the opportunity to promote their brand interests to the the diverse network of Knox United families & people who visit our club each week.


Not to mention the many more who follow our club’s progress via our Website and Social Media platforms.

This is an exciting time to come on board with KUSC and enjoy the rewards of business and sporting success so please contact Felice Lomuto on 0417 351 030 (email - or our hotline 0456 260 228.

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