For families with more than one player being registered, the full registration fee is payable for the eldest child. The 10% discount applies to the second, 15% to subsequent players.  

Payment plans over 8 weeks will also be available to families with 2 or more children playing at the club.  Please understand that we will be strictly enforcing these as we run the club on a very tight budget and we cannot afford to have players that are not financial creating a burden on their team and the club in general. Also, we do not want the situation where a player is not considered for inclusion in the squad because they have not paid their fees. We want to avoid this at all times as it is very uncomfortable for all involved.

** A brand new kit will be supplied in 2021 with training spray jacket for each player. Armadura will be our supplier in 2021, supplying a brand new sublimated designed jersey. 

** Registration fees will be frozen till the end of the 2021 season. In addition your child's photo packages are also included in the club fees (group and portrait shots).

Coaches, Team Managers and contributing Committee Members are eligible for a rebate on ONE child/player registration fees at the end of the year. This offer is NOT to be used in conjunction with any other club offer or any other discounts. Offer per family ONLY.

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