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Season 2024

Updated: Jan 13



The club committee is working to confirm coaches for 2024 so we can plan for the start of pre-season in mid to late January - note dates and times will be determined by access to limited training facilities in the summer months.

During this period, we will invite all players to training sessions so that the club & the coaches can assess team size as well as ability. Where there is more than one team in an age group, then grading may be required (See below).

***Change to previous posts : We will now complete Miniroos and Junior Team Selection after the registration days. If age groups are still looking for players following the Team Trials period, we guarantee you will know about it! It will be all over our website and in our emails!


Our Registration Days wil be held on February 4th & 11th, 2024. These will be held at the Italian Club and will provide the opportunity to be sized for uniforms as well as providing valuable information for parents and players. Times to be confirmed closer to the date.

Until registrations open, click here to complete our Expression of Interest form and be kept up to date on all updates!


Miniroos / Under 8s – Under 11s

When the club has more than one team playing in the same age division from Under 8s to Under 11s we will endeavour to place children into teams with friends upon request. The club will also consider requests from teams who seek to play in a higher division. In both cases, this is not always possible due to many factors including team size, the time of registration etc. If you have any concerns, please raise this with the Club Secretary.

Juniors / Under 12s – Under 18s

When the club has more than one team playing in the same age division, players will be graded into the team appropriate for their skill level. This ensures that your child will play in the team which is best suited to them to foster greater confidence, skill development and enjoyment of playing soccer. Grading will occur before the start of the season. In addition, in order to encourage player development it may also be suggested that players move between

teams during the season. Parents are welcome to discuss any concerns with the coach or Club Secretary which will be taken into account when determining your child’s team, however, the Club’s decision will be final.


We have a comprehensive FAQ's page on our website which provides useful answers to many of the questions you may have relating to the club and it's programs - eg: what are our fees? what day do we play matches? etc - check it our at our FAQ's page. If this does not answer your query, send us an email at


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