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Updated: Jan 20

Have you considered coaching a team?

The club has a variety of coaches within its ranks. Former players, community pathway and professionally qualified coaches, parents with a coaching background in other sports or just active mums or dads who are eager to learn and looking for a challenge and the opportunity to share a positive, enjoyable and rewarding experience with their son or daughter.

In terms of coaching, we don't drop you in the deep end. We will teach you how to run an effective training session. We offer extensive coaching support in the form of in-house coaching workshops and training sessions facilitated by external coaches for you and your team. We can arrange for an existing coach to help you get started. We reimburse FFA coaching courses. We provide you with drills and learning materials.

We need you to succeed so that our players enjoy the experience.

For more information, contact Club Secretary Felice Lomuto on 0417 351 030 or drop us an email at

Getting Started as a Coach

1. Working with Children Check (WWC)

WWC is a mandatory requirement. You cannot commence coaching children until this check has been completed.

Please click on the below link to complete. WWC is free for volunteers.

2. Register as a volunteer coach in PlayFootball

PlayFootball registration is a compulsory requirement for all coaches.

Please click on the below link to complete. Registration is free for volunteers.

3. Complete Laws of the Game Online Course

Completing the Laws Of the Game course is a compulsory requirement for all coaches (one-off requirement).

Please click on the below link to complete. This is a free course.

4. Complete Child Protection online Play by the Rules course

All coaches are strongly encouraged to complete this course (one-off requirement).

Please click on the below link to complete. This is a free course.

5. Position Description

Please read the position description & code of conduct provided by the club secretary

6. Training Equipment

To be issued with your equipment, please contact our committee


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