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Return to Training - Guidelines


Firstly, please read the Football Victoria (FV) ‘Return to Training’ document

(click picture), and discuss with your children as required. The below information provides additional support and assistance with following the FV requirements.

It is your responsibility to comply with these requirements and help us provide a safe training environment for all.

If ANY Club members (players, parents/guardians, coaches, team managers, committee) are not comfortable attending training under the current situation, please advise your team manager or a committee member. This is a personal decision and will be treated with respect and in confidence. COMMENCEMENT OF TRAINING SENIORS ONLY on 26th May 2020 (current restrictions apply, 10 players per group ONLY) JUNIORS to start from 1st June 2020 (new restrictions apply, 20 players per group ONLY) Training schedules, dates, times, venue area etc will be advised to you by team managers. Stay tuned for further advice on this over the coming week.

LITTLE CHAMPS to start from Term 3 July 19th 2020. Recommencement TBC + restrictions.


1. Ensure every player/coach/team manager is registered online via ‘PlayFootball’ and has a current FFA Number. You cannot train if you are not registered. click below:

2. Current social distancing and illness notification rules apply at ALL times to ALL people attending training – players, parents/guardians, coaches, team managers, committee etc.

3. All training will occur at Park Ridge Reserve unless otherwise notified by the Club.

4. Ensure each player has their own personal pack of hand sanitizer & drink bottle


1. Arrive for training no earlier than 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Players and parents/guardians are to remain in their car if early.

2. Your Team Manager will tell you beforehand which half of the pitch your team is using.

3. Players must only enter the pitch through the gate beside the shed. Entry will only occur once all players and coaches from the earlier session have exited the ground. Ground signage will be in place to assist directions.

4. A table will be set up outside the gate with the Team Manager or a Committee Member present. Players must;

a. Check their name off on the attendance list.

b. Use the hand sanitizer provided before entering.

5. Players must only bring the ‘essentials’ required for training (e.g. jacket, bib, water bottle, personal hand sanitizer, other medical items such as asthma inhaler) and preferably in a small bag. All items must be brought onto the ground and stored along the boundary, separated from other player’s items and any training equipment. Bibs will be distributed by team managers and are to be the players responsibility for season 2020.

6. Parents/guardians are requested to avoid remaining at the venue. If this is not possible they must remain behind the perimeter fencing at all times, and cannot enter the ground.

7. The training group present on the ground for each team will consist of the players plus one coach. Player numbers per group must not exceed the maximum number allowed by the FV rules at the time of training.

8. The Coach will be required to call for breaks during training. At breaks (including drink breaks), and whenever players leave the ground (e.g. toilet break) they must re-apply their own hand sanitizer before returning to training.

9. At the end of training, players are to exit the ground via the side gate and depart the venue as soon as possible. The Coach will be responsible for packing up training equipment.


Where practical, usage of the public toilets at the Park Ridge pavilion should be avoided. The Club is committed to working together with Knox Council and ensuring an appropriate cleaning and sanitation regime is in place for the toilet facilities. This has not yet been approved. Until authorized, toilets will remain locked and not in use.

Once the Club has approval to use the toilet facilities, we request toilet usage is restricted to players only, or in extreme circumstances. Any player or club associate must wash their hands thoroughly and use hand sanitizer after using the toilet.


The lack of appropriate shelter at Park Ridge Reserve will prevent us complying with social distancing measures in the event of wet or dangerous weather. The Executive Committee will review the weather forecast and may decide to cancel training.


A dedicated First Aid kit will be stored in the shed to allow Coaches or Committee members to attend to an injured player. This kit will include disposable gloves and face masks which must be worn by any attendee assisting an injured player. Contact should be avoided or minimized where practical.

All other players should be requested to move to the side of the training area until further notice while the injured player is receiving treatment. In extreme circumstances, a player’s parent/guardian may enter the ground to attend once the area is cleared of other people.

A copy of the Club’s injury report form must be filled out and submitted.


Any Club members who feel that the training environment or practices occurring present an unacceptable risk are requested to directly notify the Executive Committee in writing on

Please avoid raising any complaints directly with those involved at the time.

In extreme or urgent circumstances, please contact;

The President (Matt Dalle Nogare) on 0419 359 210.

If unsuccessful, please contact the Vice President (Sandro Dal Ben) on 0413 014 198.

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