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Code of Conduct

As per conditions of membership, all players and parents have agreed to abide by the rules of the Club's Constitution and the Club's Code of Conduct. 

The code of conduct reflects the highest standards of public behaviour and the expectations of the club administration.  The club is under no obligation to accept applicants as members, and past behaviour may be taken into account when an application for membership is received. 

The code of conduct is not designed to suppress passion or commitment for the club or the team is in place to ensure that club participants understand that there is a line which divides passion and offensive behaviour.


Any non compliance or breach of the code of conduct will be referred to the Executive Committee of the Knox United Soccer Club for further action.   Action may include explanation of the club’s code of conduct, including identification of the section of the code of conduct not being complied with. 


Continued non compliance will result in action which may include temporary or permanent expulsion from Knox United Soccer Club games and functions.

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