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Coach Allocation

How does Knox United select their coaches & is it possible that I need to pay extra for an external coach?

As a volunteer based club, Knox United coaching structure is dependant on parents to provide coaching for their children.  The club will pay for parents to attend coaching courses. When a parent provides satisfactory coaching (as assessed by the committee) through the season by taking responsibility for week night practices and matches, she/he will be offered a rebate on their child’s registration fees at the end of the season.  

If a team has no parent to coach, the club will seek to provide a non-parental coach but provides no guarantee that a coach will be found.  Coaches can only be appointed by the Club Committee and will not be appointed unless they satisfy the committee’s criteria including being of suitable character, having an appropriate manner with our players and having completed an FFV training course and police checks. 


Where a non-parental coach is engaged, a coaching levy may be struck to cover costs. This will be determined by the Club Committee and relayed to ALL parents in that team, where possible, prior to confirmation of registrations.  The Club will work the team and the approved non-parental coach to ensure that development goals are met throughout the season.

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