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Accident Insurance

As per the terms & conditions of membership, ("The Club") including any of its officers and/or members shall not be held responsible for any accident, illness or injury sustained by registered players while playing at, or attending any function with, The Club. The Club carries only basic player’s insurance (provided through registration with FFV) and that it is the player/guardian's responsibility to arrange additional insurance cover.

The Club recommends that every player takes out their own private health insurance or ambulance coverage (Ambulance Victoria)

Although players are covered by the FFV Group Personal Accident Insurance whilst playing or training, the Club will not be liable for any cost not covered by the FFV insurance that shall be for the account of the players.

Injury Reports must be submitted to the club online so that we are aware of any injury requiring a claim.

Please read the information on the FFV website carefully to ensure you are following the correct claim process.  

FFA Claim Process Summary
The following claims process is outlined: 

  • Read about the Personal Injury Policy benefits on the Gow Gates website  to see if you are covered.

  • If you believe you could be covered, fill in the Online Claims Submission form to notify the insurer of your intent to make a claim and to obtain a prepopulated claim form.

  • Complete and submit the claim form as directed within 30 days of the injury.

  • Submit additional documentation as required.

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